This article is called 7 Things Every Protestant should know about Catholicism. Written by Marcus Guevara and he makes many good points that Protestants and even Catholics do not know about their faith. His first point is that not every Catholic practices or understands their faith. Marcus was upheld at the lack of knowledge that Catholics have about their own faith. This brings us into another one of his points, that Protestants and Catholics are both Christian and have 90% of the same beliefs. They are brothers and sisters in christ, which should allow them to get along. Some other points that Marcus made are bad Catholics do not equal a bad church, Catholics do not worship Mary or the saints, and that Catholics are Christians.

This very much relates to my class assignment of non-Catholic Christian denominations. This article informs its readers about the similarities and differences of Catholics to Protestants. Our project compared some religions, such as the Baptist Church, The Church of Ladder Day Saints, and the Amish, to Catholicism. I definitely learned a lot about these Churches that I never knew before. For example, I learned that Baptists only take communion on the first Sunday of the month. Just like Catholics they have their service on Sundays, but they don’t take communion every service. I think that learning about other religions can broaden people’s knowledge and may lead to them even further believe in their faith.


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